Maglite-Solitaire-LED-1-Cell-AAA-Flashlight performance
Type: Compact Water Res: Yes – IPX4
Lumens: 37 lm Drop Res: 1 m
Beam Dist: 61 m Length: 3-3/16 in. 81 mm
Maglite_Solitaire_LED anatomy

1) Tail cap

2) Lip seal, tail cap

3) Electrical contact

4) Battery spring*

5) Barrel/LED Switch Assembly**

6) O-ring, barrel

7) Head assembly**

*Item 4 inserts into item 1

**Do not disassemble


A Keychain-Size Flashlight with Big-Light Power That describes our all-new MAG-LITE SOLITAIRE LED Flashlight. It features the classic look of our original Solitaire flashlight introduced in 1988. And it works in the same simple way just twist the head to turn on, turn off and focus spot to flood. But thanks to a new, state-of-the-art LED light engine, you get something you just wouldn’t expect to see coming out of a flashlight so small: A blast of power that can light up an object at the far end of the parking lot.

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maglite incd 2 cell D profilemaglite-mini-led-2-cell-aaa profile