Mini-Maglite-2-Cell-AA-Flashlight performance
Type: Compact Water Res: Yes – IPX4
Lumens: 14 lm Drop Res: 1 m
Beam Dist: 96 m Length: 5 3/4 in. 146 mm
Mini_Maglite_AA-Incan anatomy

1) Tail cap

2) Lip Seal, tail cap

3) Lamp protector

4) Spare lamp

5) Battery spring*

6) Barrel

7) O-ring, barrel

8) Lamp

9) Head

10) O-ring, head

11) Reflector

12) Clear lens

13) O-ring, face cap

14) Face cap

* Item 5 inserts into item 1


Until its inception, no flashlight of this size incorporated the features, functions, and unique design elements of our Mini Maglite AA flashlight. Now an icon of classic American design, and famous around the world for its brightness, quality, durability, and dependability.

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